Brown-Shoe Navy: U.S. Naval Aviation
Planes, Crews, Squadrons

During the years between the wars, naval aviation became an integral part of the U.S. Fleet -- a subordinated part, but a part nonetheless. Since the 1920s, Fleet Problems had shown that aerial scouting was far more effective and efficent than the old cruiser scouting lines.
With the improving performance of planes, so did improve the standing of the carrier force and the naval aviation part of the fleet in general, until in 1941, the Pearl Harbor attack left the clear impression that the the battleship had been superceeded.
This section is devoted to the aircraft that made the carriers weapons; the men who piloted and crewed them; and the squadrons which men and machines formed.
U.S. Aircraft Designation Schemes

1944 Scouting Patterns
1944 Attack Patterns

The Navy's Jets
by Craig Swain


F2A, Brewster Buffalo
by Jack McKillop
F3A, Brewster Corsair
F4F, Grumman Wildcat
F6F, Grumman Hellcat
FG, Goodyear Corsair
F2G, Goodyear Corsair
XFL-1, Bell Airabonita
by Jack McKillop
FM, Eastern Aircraft Wildcat
F4U, Chance-Vought Corsair

Gliders for the Navy Department
by Craig Swain
LNP, Piper
by Jack McKillop

Hospital Plane
AE, Piper
by Jack McKillop
HE, Piper
by Jack McKillop

Observation Scout
OS2U Kingfisher
by Craig Swain

PV, Lockheed Ventura / Harpoon
by Jack McKillop

Patrol Bomber
PB2B, Boeing Canada Catalina
PBJ, North American Mitchell
by Jack McKillop
PBN, Naval Aircraft Factory Catalina / Nomad
PBO, Lockheed Hudson
by Jack McKillop
PBV, Vickers Canada Catalina
PBY, Consolidated Catalina
PB2Y, Consolidated Coronado
PB4Y, Consolidated Liberator / Privateer

SC, Curtiss Seahawk

Scout Bomber
SB2C, Curtiss Helldiver
SBD, Douglas Dauntless
SBF, Fairchild Canada, Helldiver
SB2U, Chance-Vought Vindicator
by Jack McKillop
SBW, Canadian Car & Foundry Helldiver

Scout Observation
SO2C, Curtiss Seagull
SO3C, Curtiss Seamew
SOR, Ryan Seamew

Scout Trainer
SNB, Beech Kansan and Navigator
by Jack McKillop
SNJ, North American Texan
by Jack McKillop
SNV, Vultee Valiant
by Jack McKillop

Torpedo Bomber
TBD, Douglas Devastator
TBF, Grumman Avenger
TBM, Eastern Aircraft Avenger
TBY, Vought Sea Wolf
by Jack McKillop

NE, Piper Grasshopper
by Jack McKillop
NJ, North American
N3N, Naval Aircraft Factory
by Jack McKillop
NR, Ryan Recruit
by Jack McKillop

GB, Beech Traveler
by Jack McKillop
JB, Beech Traveler
by Jack McKillop
JO, Lockheed Electra
by Jack McKillop
JRC, Cessna Bobcat
by Jack McKillop
RB, Budd Conestoga
by Jack McKillop
RD, Douglas Sinbad and Dolphin
by Jack McKillop
R2D, Douglas
by Jack McKillop
R3D, Douglas
by Jack McKillop
R5D, Douglas Skymaster
by Jack McKillop
R2O, Lockheed Electra
by Jack McKillop
R3O, Lockheed Electra
by Jack McKillop
R4D, Douglas "Gooneybird"
by Jack McKillop
R4O, Lockheed Super Electra
by Jack McKillop
R5C, Curtiss Commando
by Jack McKillop
R5O, Lockheed Lodestar
by Jack McKillop