Copyright 2001
     Tim Lanzendörfer, Frank Young

These days, a movie opens in theaters world-wide that deals with one of the most critical topics of World War II: Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, the movie does so rather with more enthusiasm for explosions and other sorts of visual effects than it does with a desire for historical accuracy. Since there was no description of the attack on the website in any event, and just about *everyone* was doing a Pearl Harbor special, I said, hey, what the heck, that's what I'll do too. Luckily, Frank Pierce Young came to my assistance, and we decided to fill this small Special together. So do enjoy the following articles: The Alpha: Pearl Harbor 1941, a history of the military side of the attack. Flame & Blame at Pearl Harbor: The Responsibility Question by Frank Pierce Young, an article covering just about everything else up to the latest hearings in Congress. And a pictoral section with relevant photographs.