The Navy's Swords
Guns, Torpedoes, Rockets

   Quite naturally, a warship without weapons is rather useless. So, too, is a documentation that talks about the benefits of certain armament arrangements without telling you what each gun could do, and what it could not do.  

    Discussion of armaments on U.S. ships shall, however, not be restricted to guns - it will also include U.S. submarine and aircraft torpedoes, bombs, depth charges, and whatever else on a ship could be used to sink enemy ships, subs, or down aircraft. Note that I must except hand-held weapons here, although frequently even these weapons were used by U.S. naval personel to try to shoot down enemy planes. 

    American armaments certainly were not spectecular. There was no 460mm gun. There were no underwater-trajectory shells, no 640mm super-torpedoes. Indeed quite a few weapons were rather useless - notably the 28mm anti-air mounts and the Mk13/14/15 series of air-dropped, submarine-launched, or destroyer-fired torpedos. But the U.S. Navy had to use all of these weapons in 1942 at least, and some quite longer. 

    In general, U.S. armaments were solid pieces of work that could be relied upon. It is interesting to note, maybe, that this section opened with the 40mm L/56 gun - a Swedish weapon.  
The section is structured as follows: each weapon is intorduced in design history and combat history, as far as it is possible to note these facts. Many people have complained that I was using metric measures; the disclaimer should give you an idea of why I am doing this. However, with this new section there was enough time to include the English measures as well. The Stats now display metric/english measures whereever appropriate. 

Heavy Artillery 
406mm L/50 Mk VII 
406mm L/45 Mk VI 
406mm L/45 Mk I,V,VIII 
356mm L/50 Mk VII, XI 
356mm L/45 Mk VIII - XII 
305mm L/50 Mk VII - VIII 
Medium Artillery 
203mm L/55 Mk XII, XV  
203mm L/55 Mk IX - XI, XIII, XIV 
152mm L/47 Mk XVI 
152mm L/53 Mk XII, XIV, XV, XVIII 
Light Artillery 
127mm L/38 Mk XII 
127mm L/25 Mk X, XI, XIII 
127mm L/51 Mk VII, VIII, XV 
102mm L/50 Mk IX 
76mm L/50 Mk X, XVII, XVIII, XX - XXIII 
Automatic Guns 
40mm L/56 Mk I - IV 
28mm L/75 Mk I 
20mm L/70 Mk I - IV 
12.7mm L/90 Mk III 
533mm Mk 8 Surface-fired 
533mm Mk 10 Submarine-fired 
569mm Mk 13 Air and Surface-fired 
533mm Mk 14 Submarine-fired 
533mm Mk 15 Surface-fired 
533mm Mk 18 Submarine-fired 
483mm Mk 24 "FIDO" Air-fired 
483mm Mk 27 Submarine-fired 
Mk.6 Torpedo Exploder 
Anti-Submarine Weapons 
Mk 10 & 11 Hedgehog 
Mk 20 & 22 Mousetrap 
Other Weapons