152mm L/53 Surface-Fire Artillery

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152mm L/53 105lbs shell

    The L/53 6 guns were mounted only in a few ships, all build pre-war. These were the light cruisers of the Omaha class, ten each, and the submarines of the Argonaut class. It would have been mounted on the South Dakota class battleships, and the Lexington class battle cruisers.

    It was first proof-fired in October 1918, and mounted in lightly armored, splinter-proof twin turrets fore and aft, with an additional eight guns in casemattes, four in front of the bridge and four just forward of the aft turret. They were rather heavy guns, when compared with the later L/47, and fired not much more rapidly than the 203mm L/55. The single casemattes were hand-worked, the turret used powered training and elevating.  

Year of Construction: 1919  
Bore: 153mm  
Weight of gun: 10.27t / 10.11 tons  
Weight of barrel: ???? kg / ???? lbs  
Length of gun: 8255 mm / 325 ins.  
Length of bore: 8016 mm / 315.6 ins. (53 calibers)  
Wt. of projectile: 47.6kg / 105lbs  
Max. Range: 23.130 m / 25.300 yards at 30°  
Ceiling: Not AA capable  
Max. Elevation: 30°  
Rate of Fire: 5 - 6 rounds / min