406mm L/45 Mark 6 Surface-Fire Artillery

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406mm L/45 2240lbs shell
406mm L/45 2700lbs shell

The new fast battleships of the North Carolina and South Dakota class received this variant of the 406mm L/45 gun. Similar in its internal details to the previous marks, they were considerably lighter than the guns which outfitted the Marylands, and were mounted on new mounts. These allowed the guns to fire the brand-new 2700lbs super-heavy shells, which allowed the gun to outmatch all similar pieces of ordnance and come close to the firepower of Japan's 18" artillery.
During World War II, modifications to the sleeve allowed this gun to be fitted to the Maryland class, allowing for easier replacement of worn-out barrels on these warships.


Year of Construction: ~1935  
Bore:  406mm  
Weight of gun: 87,2t / 85.85tons  
Weight of barrel: ???kg / ??? lbs  
Length of gun: 18694mm / 736 ins.   
Length of bore: 18166mm / 715 ins. (45 calibers)  
Wt. of projectile: 1225 kg / 2700 lbs  
Muzzle Velocity: 701 m/s / 2300 f/s 
Max. Range: 33,740 km / 36,000 yds at 45° elevation  
Ceiling: Not AA capable  
Max. Elevation: 45°  
Rate of Fire: 2 rounds/min