DD-381 Somers class

Design History
Originally contemplated as simply FY1934 repeats of the Porter class, the introduction of new steam propulsion and turbines in the Mahan class led to the inclusion of this type of propulsion, the Somers variant of which was a relative of the New Mexico's refitted plant. It operated at 850F and 600psi, had GE turbines with double reduction gear, making for greater speed and range compared to Porter.

Also, unlike Porter's initial design, the Somers class was rather simple in appearence, without the high aft superstructure and aft director, a simple pole mast, only one stack, and, most impressive, three centerline quad torpedo mounts, for an impressive twelve-torpedo broadside.

Two Somers were ordered in FY35; three more in FY36. They possessed two quadruple 28mm mounts and two 12.7mm L/90 machine-guns for anti-air defense.

A refitted SOMERS with dual-purpose AA. Modification History
Problems with the stability of this class precluded major modifications for a long time. Initial modifications in 1942 actually reduced their AA capability with the removal of the 28mm mounts (and the after deckhouse). To compensate, a torpedo tube set was removed, and 20mm single mounts installed, two besides the stack, two before the bridge, and two where the torpedo tubes had been placed. Search and fire-control radar was added at the same time. In 1943, no.3 twin mount was removed, replaced by an assortment of a twin 40mm and several 20mms, and a similar installment abaft the stack. Jouett and Davis were the only ships equipped with dual-purpose artillery, receiving two twin and one single 5" L/38 mount, plus 40mm and 20mm AA.

Service History
Only Sampson served in the Pacific during the war. She moved through the Panama Canal in 1942, escorting various convoys until 1943. She supported the Biak landings in 1944, where damage required her return to the U.S. After repairs in New York, she remained in the Atlantic.

Ships in class:
DD-381 Somers
DD-383 Warrington
DD-394 Sampson
DD-395 Davis
DD-396 Jouett

Standard: 2,013 tons
Full: 2,901 tons
Length: 116,27m / 381ft 6"
Beam: 11,19m / 36ft 10,25"
Draft (Full Load): 4,28m / 13ft 11,5"
Crew (Officers/Men): 10 / 225
Endurance: 4,250nm at 20 knots
Speed: 37,5 knots
Belt: No belt armor
Deck: No deck armor
Barbettes: No barbette armor
Conning Tower: No conning tower armor
Armament and Equipment
(As designed):
Main: 8 x 127mm L/38, in twin mounts: two forward, superfiring, two aft, superfiring
Secondary: None
AA: 8 x 28mm L/73 in two twin mounts, 4 x 12.7mm L/90 in single mounts
Torpedoes: 12 533mm torpedo tubes in three quadruple centerline mounts
Depth Charges: 2 x depth charge track, 14 depth charges

(Sampson, March 1943):
Main: 6 x 127mm L/38, in twin mounts: two forward, superfiring, one aft
Secondary: None
AA: 6 x 40mm L/56 in twins, 6 x 20mm L/70
Torpedoes: 8 533mm torpedo tubes in two centerline mounts
Depth Charges: 6 x K-Gun, 2 x depth charge track