DD-384 Dunlap class

Design History
Essentially Mahan class ships, the two Dunlaps differed from their half-sisters in only two ways: instead of the the tripod mast, they had a straight mast, and instead of the two shielded forward 5"L/38 mounts, they had two fully enclosed mounts. Weight and availability considerations required that the other three mounts be left open. Probably funded in FY34.

Modification History
As in the Mahans.

Service History
As in the Mahans.

Ships in class:
DD-384 Dunlap
DD-385 Fanning

Standard: 1,717 tons
Full: 2,328 tons
Length: 104,05m / 341ft 5"
Beam: 10,66m / 35ft
Draft (Full Load): 4m / 13ft 1 1/4" (?)
Crew (Officers/Men): 8 / 150
Endurance: 4,360nm at 20 knots (?)
Speed: 37 knots
Belt: No belt armor
Deck: No deck armor
Barbettes: No barbette armor
Conning Tower: No conning tower armor
Armament and Equipment
(As designed):
Main: 5 x 127mm L/38, in single mounts: two forward, superfiring, one in front of after deck house, two aft, superfiring
Secondary: None
AA: 4 x 12.7mm L/90 in single mounts
Torpedoes: 12 533mm torpedo tubes in three quadruple mounts, one on the centerline, two on the wings
Depth Charges: 2 x depth charge track, 14 depth charges

(Dunlap, March 1944):
Main: 4 x 127mm L/38, two forward superfiring, two aft superfiring
Secondary: None
AA: 4 x 40mm L/56 in two twin mounts, 5 x 20mm L/70 in twin mounts
Torpedoes: 8 533mm torpedo tubes in two quadruple wing mounts
Depth Charges: 4 x K-Gun, 2 x depth charge track