Texas class
    As the Royal Navy increased its gun caliber, to 343mm, the US Navy definitely did not want to stay behind it. Although the Texas class was originally scheduled to receive 15 305mm guns, this was now altered so that the Texas would receive 10 356mm guns in five twin turrets. These vessels looked very much like the Wyoming class, and it's specifications were also pretty close to it, of course except the main battery.

    Modifications were few, since both ships of this class were not at Pearl Harbor on 7th December, and were thus spared damage - and the following modifications.Minor changes were made to the secondary armament, and the AA weapons.  
Texas spent her time in the Atlantic, first as Neutrality Patrol vessel, then escort ship for convoys. During her time as Neutrality Patrol ship, she operated from Iceland, and was nearly torpedoed once. In later 1942, she supported the North Africa landings, then returned to escort convoys again in 1943 and early 1944. In June 1944, she provided fire support for the Neptune landing in Normandy, and duelled with the German batteries at Cherbourg. She moved to Southern France to support Dragoon, and then she departed for the Pacific, shelling Iwo Jima and Okinawa. She remains a museum at San Jacinto, Texas.

    New York's career was slightly less action-laden, but important. She was radar training vessel for a short while in 1942, before she supported the North Africa landings and fought down the French battleship Jean Bart. Escort service for Atlantic-Convoys followed in early 1943, and from July 1943 to June 1944 she became artillery training vessel. She then came to support the Iwo Jima and Okinawa operations, and was a target vessel for the Bikini A-Bomb tests. Slightly damaged she was scuttled near Pearl Harbor in 1948.  

(New York, 1942):  
10 x 356mm L/45 in five twin turrets, two superfiring forward, two aft, one midships.  
6 x 127mm L/51 in casemates  
10 x 76mm L/50 AA  
24 x 40mm L/56  
36 x 20mm 
(New York, 1945):  
10 x 356mm L/45 as above  
6 x 127mm L/51 as above  
10 x 76mm L/50 AA  
40 x 40mm L/56  
30 x 20mm
Displacement: 32000 tons   
Length: 174.7 meters  
Beam: 32.4 meters  
Draught: 9.6 meters  
Height (Mast): ????  
Crew: 1530 men  
Speed: 21 knots
Complement (Planes)
Three floatplanes
Ships in class: 
BB-34 New York 
BB-35 Texas