New Mexico class
Following the Pennsylvania class in 1914 was the New Mexico class. Originally scheduled to consist of two ships, as its predecessors always had, the selling of the old pre-dreadnoughts Idaho and Mississippi to Greece, where they became Lemnos and Kilkis respectively, allowed the Navy to build another, a third, ship of this class.The New Mexicos were generally equal to the older Pennsylvania, though they sported several small modifications, such as using a longer barreled main gun, refined horizontal armor and inner subdivision.

    These ships were first to use the characteristic "clipper" bow, which was to become a prime feature of US naval vessels. New Mexico served in the Atlantic on Neutrality Patrol during the year 1941, thus being spared the Pearl Harbor desaster.  
She transfered to the Pacific in early 1942, and in 1943 began with operations against the Aleutians, then served the amphibious groups in the Central Pacific Campaigns, however missing the Battle of Leyte due to the requirement to change her gun barrels.

    Serving in the Lingayen Gulf in January 1945, she suffered a Kamikaze hit on January 6th with little damage. Then, she operated against Okinawa in April 1945, being hit again by a Kamikaze for moderate damage. Having been repaired she went back to the Pacific with little action and was scrapped in 1947.  

    Mississippi was also in the Atlantic in 1941, and secured US convoys to England for much of the year 1942, finally being send to the Pacific to guard the island of Midway. She also participated in the Aleutians operations, and afterwards in all major Central Pacific campaigns, including the Battle of Surigao Strait. She was made a artillery trials ships in 1946/47, and in 1952, a guided missile trials ship. She was wrecked four years ater.  
Idaho shared virtually the same career as New Mexico. If you want to know it more precisely, send me an Email.

Armament (New Mexico, 1942):   
12 x 356mm L/50, in four triple turrets, two each superfiring fore and aft.   
8 x 127mm L/25 in open mounts, four on each ship side.   
12 x 28mm in quadruple mounts
(Mississippi, 1945)   
12 x 356mm L/50 as above   
14 x 127mm L/25, seven on each side   
48 x 40mm L/56 in quadruple mounts   
9 x 20mm in single mounts
Displacement: 36000 tons   
Length: 190.7 meters   
Beam: 32.4 meters   
Draught: 10.4 meters   
Height (Mast): ????   
Crew: 2251 men   
Speed: 21.5 knots
Complement (Planes) Three floatplanes
Ships in class: 
BB-40 New Mexico  
BB-41 Mississippi 
BB-42 Idaho