United States Order of Battle at Midway
Ship "Classes", if known, are in parenthesis after ship's name. Last updated 20/3/99.

Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief

        Task Force 17 -- Admiral Fletcher
            TG 17.5 Carrier Group -- Capt. Elliot Buckmaster
                CV-5 USS Yorktown (Yorktown)-- Capt. Buckmaster  (Sunk)
                    VF-3 -- 25 F4F-4, Lt. Cdr. John S. Thach (10 lost)
                    VB-3 -- 18 SBD-3, Lt. Cdr. Maxwell F. Leslie (12 lost)
                    VS-3 -- 19 SBD-3, Lt. Cdr. Wallace C. Short Jr. (12 lost)
                    VT-3 -- 13 TBD-1, Lt. Cdr. Lance E. Massey (Killed) (12 lost)
            TG 17.2 Cruiser Group -- RADM William W. Smith
                CA-34 USS Astoria (New Orleans), Capt. Francis W. Scanland
                CA-33 USS Portland (Portland), Capt. Laurance T. DuBose
            TG 17.4 Destroyer Squadron (ComDesRon 2), Capt. Gilbert C. Hoover
                DD-412 Hammann (Sims), Cdr. Arnold E. True  (Sunk)
                DD-410 Hughes (Sims), Lt. Cdr. Donald J. Ramsey
                DD-417 Morris (Sims), Cdr. Harry B. Jarrett
                DD-411 Anderson (Sims), Lt. Cdr. John K. B. Ginder
                DD-414 Russell (Sims), Lt. Cdr. Glenn R. Hartwig
                DD-433 Gwin (Gleaves), Cdr. John M. Higgins

        Task Force 16 -- RADM Raymond A. Spruance
            TG 16.5 Carrier Group-- Captain George D. Murray
                CV-6 USS Enterprise (Yorktown) -- Capt. Murray
                    VF-6 -- 27 F4F-4, Lt. James S. Gray (1 lost)
                    VB6 -- 19 SBD-2 and -3, Lt. Richard H. Best (11 lost)
                    VS-6 -- 19 SBD-2 and -3, Lt. William E. Gallaher (9 lost)
                    VT-6 -- 14 TBD-1, Lt. Cdr. Eugene E. Lindsey (Killed) (11 lost)
                CV- 8 USS Hornet (Yorktown) -- Captian Marc A. Mitscher
                    VF-8 -- 27 F4F-4, Lt. Cdr. Samuel G. Mitchell (12 lost)
                    VB-8 -- 19 SBD-2 and -3, Lt. Cdr. Robert R. Johnson (5 lost)
                    VS-8 -- 18 SBD-1, -2, and -3, Lt. Cdr. Walter F. Rodee (5 lost)
                    VT-8 -- 15 TBD, Lt. Cdr. John C. Waldron (Killed) (All lost)
            TG 16.2 Cruiser Group -- RADM Thomas C. Kinkaid
                CA-32 USS New Orleans (New Orleans), Capt. Howard H. Good
                CA-36 USS Minneapolis (New Orleans), Capt. Frank L. Lowry
                CA-44 USS Vincennes (New Orleans), Capt. Frederick L. Riefkohl
                CA-26 USS Northampton (Northampton), Capt. William W. Chandler
                CA-24 USS Pensacola (New Orleans), Capt. Frank L. Lowe
                CL-51 USS Atlanta (Atlanta), Capt. Samuel P. Jenkins
            TG 16.4 Destroyer Screen (ComDesRon 1)Capt. Alexander R. Early
                DD-360 Phelps (Porter), Lt. Cdr. Edward L. Beck
                DD-352 Worden (Farragut), Lt. Cdr. William G. Progue
                DD-354 Monaghan (Farragut), Lt. Cdr.William P. Burford
                DD-355 Aylwin (Farragut), Lt. Cdr. Geoge R. Phelan
                (ComDesRon 6), Capt. Edward P. Sauer, Lt. Cdr.
                DD-363 Balch (Porter), Lt. Cdr. Harold H. Tiemroth
                DD-371 Conyngham (Mahan), Lt. Cdr. Henry C. Daniel
                DD-397 Benham (Benham), Lt. Cdr. Joseph M. Worthington
                DD-398 Ellet (Benham), Lt. Cdr. Francis H. Gardner
                DD-401 Maury (Gridley), Lt. Cdr. Gelzer L. Sims
            Oiler Group --
                AO-22 Cimarron (Cimarron), Cdr. Russel M. Ihrig
                AO-24 Platte (Cimarron), Capt. Ralph H. Henkle
                DD-349 Dewey (Farragut), Lt. Cdr. C. F. Chillingworth Jr.
                DD-436 Monssen (Gleaves), Cdr. Roland N. Smoot

        SUBMARINES -- RADM Robert H. English, Commander Sub Force at Pearl Harbor
            TG 7.1 Midway Patrol Group
                SS-168 Nautilus (Narwhal) Lt. Cdr. W. H. Brockman Jr.
                SS-169 Dolphin (Narwhal) Lt. Cdr. R. L. Rutter
                SS-170 Cachalot (Narwhal) Lt. Cdr. G. A. Lewis
                SS-171 Cuttlefish (Narwhal) Lt. Cdr. M. P. Hottel
                SS-214 Grouper (Gato) Lt. Cdr. C. E. Duke
                SS-229 Flying Fish (Gato) Lt. Cdr. G. R. Donaho
                SS-198 Tambor (Tambor) Lt. Cdr. J. W. Murphy
                SS-202 Trout (Tambor) Lt. Cdr. F. W. Fenno
                SS-209 Grayling (Tambor) Lt. Cdr. E. Olsen
                SS-210 Grenadier (Tambor) Lt. Cdr. W. A. Lent
                SS-211 Gudgeon (Tambor) Lt. Cdr. H. B. Lyon
                SS-212 Gato (Gato) Lt. Cdr. W. G. Myers
            TG 7.2 on roving assignment
                SS-167 Narwhal (Narwhal) Lt. Cdr. C. W. Wilkins
                SS-179 Plunger (Perch) Lt. Cdr. D. C. White
                SS-237 Trigger (Gato) Lt. Cdr. J. H. Lewis
            TG 7.3 North of Oahu Patrol
                SS-173 Pike (Narwhal) Lt. Cdr. W. A. New
                SS-175 Tarpon (Shark) Lt. Cdr. Lewis Wallace
                SS-230 Finback (Gato) Lt. Cdr. J. L. Hull
                SS-215 Growler (Gato) Lt. Cdr. H. W. Gilmore

        MIDWAY SHORE-BASED AIR -- Capt. Cyril T. Simard
            Detachments of PatWing 1 and 2
                32 PBY-5 and PBY-5A Catalinas (1 lost)
                VT-8 Detachment - 6 TBF, Lt. L. K. Fieberling (5 lost)
            Marine Aircraft Group 22, 2nd Marine Air Wing -- Lt. Col. Ira E. Kimes USMC
                VMF-221 -- 20 F2A-3 (13 lost); 7 F4F-3 (2 lost), Maj. Floyd B. Parks USMC (Killed), Capt. Kirk Armistead USMC
                VMSB-241 --- 11 SB2U-3 (5 lost); 16 SBD-2 (8 lost), Maj. Lofton R. Henderson USMC (Killed), Maj. Benjamin W. Norris USMC (Killed), Capt. Marshall A. Tyler
            Detachment of 7th Army Air Force -- Maj. Gen. Willis P. Hale
                4 B-26 (Marauder), Capt. James F. Collins USA (2 lost)
                13 B-17 (Flying Fortress), Lt. Col. Walter C. Sweeney Jr. USA (2 lost)
                6 B-17, Maj. G. A. Blakey USA

        MIDWAY LOCAL DEFENSES -- Captain Simard
            6th Marine Defense Bn (reinforced), Fleet Marine Force, Col. Harold D. Shannon USMC
            Motor Torpedo Squadron 1 -- Lt. Clinton McKellar Jr.
                8 PT Boats at Midway, 2 at Kure, 4 small patrol craft
            (Deployed along lesser reefs and islands of Hawaiian Group)
                AVD-11 Thornton (Sea Plane Tender), Lt. Cdr. Wendell F. Kline, French Frigate Shoals
                AVD-10 Ballard (Sea Plane Tender), Cdr. Ward C. Gilbert, French Frigate Shoals
                DD-361 Clark (Porter), Cdr. Myron T. Richardson, French Frigate Shoals
                AOG-13 Kaloli (gasoline oiler), Lt Cdr. G. H. Chapman Jr. USNR, Pearl and Hermes Reef
                PY-25 Crystal (converted yacht), Lt. Cdr. O. B. Drotning, Pearl and Hermes Reef
                AT-144 Vireo (Minesweeper), Lt. James C. Legg, Pearl and Hermes Reef
                4 YPs (converted tuna boats) at Lisianski, Gardner, Pinnacles, Laysan and Necker
            Midway Relief Fueling Unit --
                AO-32 Guadalupe (oiler), Cdr. Harry Thurber
                DD-387 Blue (Bagley), Cdr. Harold N. Williams
                DD-390 Ralph Talbot (Bagley), Cdr. Ralph Earle Jr.

        Task Force 8 -- RADM Robert A. Theobald (in Nashville)
            TG 8.6 Main Body -- RADM Robert A. Theobald
                CA-35 Indianapolis (Portland), Capt. Edward W. Hansen
                CA-28 Louisville (Northampton), Capt. Elliot B. Nixon
                CL-43 Nashville (Brooklyn), Capt. Francis S. Craven
                CL-49 St. Louis (Brooklyn), Capt. George A. Rood
                CL-48 Honolulu (Brooklyn), Capt. Harold Dodd
            DesDiv 11 -- Cdr. Frederick Moosbrugger
                DD-380 Gridley (Gridley), Lt. Cdr. Fred R. Stickney
                DD-400 McCall (Gridley), Lt. Cdr. William S. Veeder
                DD-233 Gilmer (Clemson), Lt. Cdr. Herman O. Parish
                DD-236 Humphreys (Clemson), Lt. Cdr. John K. Wells
            TG 8.1 Air Search Group -- Capt. Leslie E. Gehres
                20 PBY of PatWing 4; 1 B-17 A.A.F., based on tenders:
                AVD-2 Williamson (Sea Plane Tender), Lt. Cdr. Frederick N. Kivette, at Sand Point
                AVD-12 Gillis (Sea Plane Tender), Lt. Cdr. Norman F. Garton, at Dutch Harbor
                AVP-12 Casco (Sea Plane Tender), Cdr. Thomas S. Combs, at Cold Bay
            TG 8.2 Surface Search or Scouting Group -- Capt. Ralph C. Parker, at Kodiak
                PG-51 Charleston (gunboat), Cdr. Gordon B. Sherwood
                ATO-136 Oriole (oiler), Lt. Cdr. Mellish M. Lindsay Jr.
                14 YPs (converted tuna boats)
                WPG-45 Haida (Coast Guard Cutter), Cdr. Norman H. Leslie USCG
                WPG-79 Onondaga (Coast Guard Cutter), Lt. Cdr. Stewart P. Mehlman USCG
                WPC-105 Cyane (Coast Guard Cutter), Lt. Cdr. Leslie B. Tollaksen USCG
                WPC-103 Aurora (Coast Guard Cutter), Lt. (jg) Frank M. McCabe USCG
                WPC-129 Bonham (Coast Guard Cutter), Lt. (jg) William C. Gill USCG
            TG 8.3 Air Striking Group -- Brig. Gen. William O. Butler USA
                Ft. Randall, Cold Bay -- 21 P-40, 12 B-26, and 2 B-18 (After June 4, 25 P-40, 12 B-26, 5 B-17, 1 LB-30)
                Ft. Glenn, Umnak -- 12 P-40
                Kodiak -- 15 P-39, 17 P-40, 5 B-17, 2 LB-30
                Anchorage -- 25 P-38, 15 P-39, 4 P-36, 7 B-17, 5 B-18, 12 B-26, 2 LB-30
            TG 8.4 Destroyer Striking Group
                DD-370 Case (Mahan), Cdr. Robert W. Bedilion
                DD-369 Reid (Mahan), Cdr. Harold F. Pullen
                DD-232 Brooks (Clemson), Lt. Cdr. Charles T. Singleton Jr.
                DD-243 Sands (Clemson), Lt. Cdr. John T. Bowers Jr.
                DD-235 Kane (Clemson), Lt. Cdr. John J. Graytak
                DD-116 Dent (Wickes), Lt. Cdr. Paul H. Tobelman
                DD-390 Talbot (Bagley), Lt. Cdr. Edward A. McFall
                DD-242 King (Clemson), Lt. Cdr. Kenneth M. Gentry
                DD-115 Waters (Wickes), Lt. Cdr. Henry J. Armstrong
            TG 8.5 Submarine Group
                SS-123 S-18 (Old "S" class), Lt. James H. Newsome
                SS-128 S-23 (Old "S" class), Lt. Harold E. Duryea
                SS-132 S-27 (Old "S" class), Lt. Herbert L Jukes
                SS-133 S-28 (Old "S" class), Lt. John D. Crowley
                SS-139 S-34 (Old "S" class), Lt. Cdr. Thomas L. Wogan
                SS-140 S-35 (Old "S" class), Lt. James E. Stevens
            TG 8.6 Tanker Group
                AO-25 Sabine, Capt. Maples
                AO-4 Brazos, Cdr. Thomas J. Kelly
                SS Comet, Irvin E. Larkin, master

Naval Air Station Commanders, under Captain Parker
Cdr. William N. Updegraff, Dutch Harbor
Cdr. John Perry, Kodiak
Cdr. Jackson R. Tate, Sitka