The Codebreakers
Intelligence Contributions to U.S. Naval Operations in the Pacific
by Philip H. Jacobsen, LCDR, USN, (Ret.)

      For brevity, notes verifying sources used herein are omitted. I knew Joe Rochefort and many other knowledgeable persons. However, I am no conspiracy theorist.  No officer or politician U.S. or British knew that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked and covered it up to get the U.S. into war.  But history has identified those commanders who failed to properly follow the proper advice of the most knowledgeable intelligence professionals and those who did before Pearl Harbor and subsequently. All by Philip H. Jacobsen 
Naval Intelligence as of Pearl Harbor 
The Japanese Offensive 
Stemming the Tide 
The Allied Offensive 
The Yamamoto Shootdown 
The South-West Pacific 
Submarine Operations 
Central Pacific Drive
Conclusion & Bibliography