On this site, I will try to honor all the people who have helped me in one form or another in the construction of this site.
First and foremost, I have to mention, and want to mention, Dave Riddle, who provides me with the server space that these pages need. There is no way I can thank him enough for this cost-free alternative that allows me to concentrate on purchasing new books instead of paying my provider's bill!

Frank Pierce Young who does the Pearl Harbor pieces, and who has helped me in numerous other ways including spell checking and by making profitable suggestions on additions to the site.
Vincent P. O'Hara, who has contributed more material than anyone else and who still keeps adding...I'm truely amazed...!
Philip H. Jacobsen, whose vital comments on how there should be added cryptographic material to the battles I present has had profound effect on my writing.
Edward Wittenberg, who sent in his paper on the Washington Conference on Disarmament and got the whole pre-war information thing started.

Then there are people who did not have the time to contribute entire pieces, but added tidbits and comments to what was there:
Eric Bergerud, who was the first to comment when this site was still small (er than it is today), and whose early remarks have been priceless to me.
Stan Grossman, who was always encouraging towards my efforts, and said so.
Larry Jewell, who granted me the permission to put up his transcribtion of the Washington Naval Treaty.
Philip Windell, who sent me the Midway OOBs and commented helpfully on the work done.
Floyd Mack, for his most valuable aid.
William Vickrey, Jr., who sent me a copy of Clay Blair's Silent Victory for free, and always was helpfully assisting me when I did not get any further.
Shannon Murray, for spotting the gazzilions of now-removed mistakes and errors on the side. His vision is so good, a Japanese lookout could not have done better!
David C. Evans for sending me a copy of The Influence of Air Power upon....and for the rest of the title, see the Bibliography Section
Numerous people who sent comments, criticisms, suggestions.
The owners of the World War II, Maritime History, and Mahan Email lists, whose services have been a great help to so many researchers and myself.
The subscribers of the same lists for their patience and assistance with my hundreds of querys.

On the subject of Email lists... 
Having praised them so much, maybe people might want to subscribe to them???  
Here is the three lists which were the most helpful to me:  

The Mahan Naval History Mail List 
Devoted, as the name says, to Naval History. Administered by Dave Riddle, who also owns the server these pages are on. Though quite small in its mail quota, it has some very clever members. A great place to ask questions and get the right answers!  
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The Maritime History Mail List  
Broader in focus than the Mahan list, this one deals with the history of seagoing shipping from whenever-it-began up to today. Though the Pacific War is one of the less often discussed subjects (although my being there has created many questions on the topic...all of my origin :)), this is a very useful resource.  
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The World War II List 
The World War II Mailing List deals with the topic that is so plainly obvious from its name: World War II. This is a outstanding resource. Many prolific members, including authors, veterans, and historians, put you in a position to get the answer to almost every question you might have! 
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