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"Mission" Statement 
    Per design, the aim and purpose of this site is it to support the understanding of a crucial part of World War II by presenting in educative yet entertaining manner vital aspects of the US and Commenwealth contribution to the defeat of Imperial Japan during World War II. The main audience, for whose use this site was originally setup, is hoped to be European, not American, for the simple reason that I could find out about a lack of knowledge regarding the Pacific War in Europe. However, any visitor of any nationality is highly welcome.
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1.1 Use of material without further remarks 
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1.3 Copyright as relating to non-written material 
    To the best knowledge of the webmaster, no copyrighted material is contained on this site that is not my copyright. All pictures on this site are in the public domain. Should I be wrong, I wish to be informed so I can take measures to remove illegal material.