Contributors Wanted

Contributors Wanted!

The Pacific War: The U.S. Navy has always been a cooperative effort. I’ve really been contend to assemble the things that people sent me and post it to the web. That has led to such excellent contributions as Jack McKillop’s aircraft descriptions, and Vincent O’Hara’s battle histories. Now, I still am doing alot of the stuff that is appearing here, which is why I’d like to find people capable and willing to write articles for this site.

You have read an interesting book on the war and want to do a review? You have knowledge about the design and service of ship and submarine classes? You know how radar and sonar operate and how the U.S. Navy’s electronic equipment was designed and employed? You are knowledgeable about the tactics employed, or have studied strategic campaigns or individual battles? You are a veteran who wants to share his experiences with the visitors of this site? You are widely travelled on the internet and know a lot of sites with related subjects? You have studied U.S. Navy bases, or the lives of Admirals?

If you are any of the above, maybe you could consider writing an article, or even a series of articles, for this site. You will retain the full copyrights and the right to pull your articles whenever you want, and of course, you will have your name printing alongside. If you wish I will provide the photographs, or you can send them along as well. The most important part: you decide on what you want to write and how you do it; there are no writing styles or lengths that you would have to conform to.

This site depends on the contributions of many, and the more there are, the more information will be available to those who want to inform themselves about the war. So if you want to contribute, please contact me at the address below.

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