Vice-Admiral Aubrey Wray Fitch
Born: 1883
Died: 1978
Rear-Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch, picture from Willmott, H.P., The Barrier and the Javelin
    U.S. Naval Graduation 1906. Aviator. At Coral Sea, commanded TF11, flagship Lexington. After loss of this carrier under the tactical command of Admiral Fletcher, Fitch became commander of Saratoga's TF, arriving with her two days late for the Battle of Midway, then taking over command of the carriers. When Admiral Fletcher took over Saratoga for the Guadalcanal ops, Fitch became COMAIRPAC, governing the Pacific Fleet's carriers
and planes. When Admiral Leigh Noyes was reassigned to this job, Fitch, in September took over from Admiral McCain as COMAIRSOPAC. Very energetically, Fitch organized the ground-based aerial operations in the Solomons, including the supply of Henderson Field with planes and fuel. Fitch stayed in his post through the Guadalcanal campaign, then, in August 1944, to become Vice Chief of Naval Operations (Air) at Washington, leading the Navy's administrational aspect of naval air power. Post-war, he became the first aviator in the office of Superintendebt of the US Naval Academy.